Motivated by her passion for fashion and having acquired the right knowledge during the course of her fashion designs studies, Aliki Giannaki turned her natural talent to profession 1987 came the time for her daughter Victoria Giannaki to follow her footsteps by studying fashion design herself.Together they established the Aliki -Victoria brand for women’s clothing.

Elegance, Feminity and Quality are the main keywords that describe the Aliki-Victoria philosophy – complete fashion suggestions for all needs of the modern woman.Aliki-Victoria addresses women of every age and size from XS to XXL, who live by the modern rhythm of present days. The original ideas, a perfect fit, absolute quality, as well as the thorough care for details are essential to the design of every the Aliki – Victoria collection.

Aliki –Victoria’s aim is to come closer to every woman in Greece that loves fashion by constantly expanding its sales network all over the country.

In the year 2000, Aliki – Victoria established a new line, Pepperose. Pepperose clothes are designed in a very modern style and ally to a more youthful audience with an exquisite taste for fashion.

aliki-victoria’s creations are distinguished for their elegant, minimal aesthetics and fine luxury. The collections hide the 33-year-old design philosophy, leaving aside the exaggerations and the ephemeral fashion trends.
The purity of the lines, the eclectic materials and the unpretentious elegance are the core of every collection.

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