the inspiration and the style of every aliki-victoria’s collection changes each season, however three elements always remain stable: the quality of the materials, the excellent fitting of every design and also the thought that clothes are manufactured to meet real women’s needs.



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Black and white fashion

If you like the classic and simple black and white style, you will love fashion this fall. Of course there will be some colors, but as I am a fan of BLACK & WHITE style you will always find this combination in our collections.

Our colors set the mood and definitely give your outfit a fun feeling. But nothing compares to the sophisticated style of a black and white ensemble.

Some may think that wearing black is boring. It could be, if you wear black from head to toe and the clothes are not inspiring. But when the prints on the fabrics are like this one here the very special and impressive art print with chains, makes you can not resist getting it. In fact, when they are used to create classic pieces such as this shirt with the bow that ties at the neck or a semicircular dress, the result justifies the creator and the customer at the same time, giving the charm of the different through a thousand-word pattern and color combination.

The statement color

As the countless “lockdown” seem to be an integral part of our lives in recent months, a “good outfit” can lift your spirits and keep your interest in fashion trends unlimited .

 Of course, this season is a little different.

We do not go often, so let’s do it in style.

A neutral, easy-to-wear coat that fits all your clothes, is comfortable, frees you from the thoughts of color combinations and matches your style (or even your mask) is something warm, easy to wear but also with meticulous, elegant design for a sense of adult elegance. What else but a woolen cardigan ¾ with upright collar, large outer pockets, special A-line  and wide sleeves. The soft woolen fabric adds an unpretentious coziness that makes it more casual.

We keep your best for last…

It can be in fuchsia color  and if you do not know it, it symbolizes courage, ambition, self-knowledge, controlled passions and emotions.